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10 Tips On How To Find A Good Realtor You Can Trust In Nigeria

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How to Find A Good Realtor You Can Trust in Nigeria

Buying or selling real estate or property is tricky, but not with a good realtor. However, finding a good, reliable, and experienced realtor/agency with a remarkable portfolio amongst so many options is also challenging. Now, if you are worried about how to find a good realtor you can trust in Nigeria, you don’t need to be because we are here to help you.

Finding an experienced and trustable agent/agency will aid you in getting the best property at an excellent price. Also, you can take the best price for your home. But if you don’t know well, anyone with a fake profile can easily trap you in their clutches.

So, people asking the question on how to find a good realtor you can trust in Nigeria? Here are some vital tips that can help you.

How To Find A Good Realtor you Can Trust In Nigeria?

We will help you in making sure that the real estate agent/agency you are working with is trustable in Nigeria by following the simple tips:

1. Communication skills

First of all, you have to select the realtor for you, not for property. If the realtors have good communication skills and a rhythm in their conversation, this is a good quality. It’s because if you need to spend much time understanding what they want to communicate; it may also result in a wastage of time in the end.

Communication Skills of Trustable Realtor

2. Contact three, choose one

When you go shopping, you do not buy anything until you have found the desired thing matching your standard. The same goes for purchasing the services. Real estate is a sensitive matter, so how do you do that quickly? In our opinion, if you are searching for a trustable realtor in Nigeria, you can contact at least 3 or 4 realtors. When you meet different people from the same field, you can observe them accurately. So, the chances of the wrong decision will decrease.

3. Referrals

Taking suggestions from people is always the best thing to do for whatever decision you make. People, especially those who bought the property earlier and in your close contacts list, will be the best source to get recommendations. Moreover, visit the area where you want to purchase real estate. Talk with the people living there; indeed, you will find an expert there.

4. Test realtor’s honesty

Find honesty in their conversation and behavior if you want to find a trustable realtor in Nigeria. Here is a tip for testing realtors’ honesty, present your honest property details to the realtor. If they bring you the best options, you can go for them. On the other hand, if you feel they don’t have any interest in your benefit but themselves, then avoid them. You can opt for any other agent/agency.

5. Market knowledge

If your realtor has good marketing knowledge about all aspects of buying your property, you will get benefits. Good realtors keep their clients updated by themselves. They always clear your concerns and answer your calls. They will explain everything before you start with them; don’t hesitate to be in touch for a maximum time during the concerned period.

Market Knowledge of A Trustable Realtor in Nigeria

Try to evaluate their different strategies to get you the property at the best price, and always remain active with their knowledge. According to your budget, they will guide you in the right way to buy your property.

6. Attend meetings with concentration

The best quality of the realtors is always to be concerned with their clients. Trustable realtors always attend their meetings with proper concentration. They listen to your requirements with appropriate attention, and it is easy to feel that a person in front of you don’t have any interest in your presence or conversation. You have to observe whether the agent is following you with the right concentration or not. Suppose they are not so active and just focusing on their interests, then they are not a perfect choice for real estate purposes.

7. Main concern

In any business, the client is the first preference of a businessman. Observe your agent/agency if they talk too much about their commission or repeat commission every time it shows that their main concern is their benefit, not the clients. It is a non-professional attitude to not go for a win-win situation because their main target is to make commissions.

Many Non-professional or fake realtors are present in the market for just commission. They are not concerned on whether you get the right property that suits you. Stay away from these types of realtors to save your money.

8. Response time

Customer support is the backbone of any business, so for real estate agencies. If they are not responding to you in time, it is not wise to hand over your money to them. The trustable realtors always have a fast turnaround. They don’t need much time to give you necessary informResponse Time of a Trustable Realtor in Nigeriaation about a property because of their experience in this field.

9. Surrounding information

Nigeria is a populated country in Africa, where population affects the town distribution. Even in urban areas, you can hardly find a good place for your residence/property except for apartments. Before buying any real estate property, you have to consider the surrounding environment and whether the area is considerable for your home or not. If you consult an excellent realtor agency, the agents will have information on property details like the drainage system of that area and the street’s environment.

10.  Assessment power

If the agents have strong assessment power, they will overcome the various problems you can face in the future. If you want to test their assessment power, present some possible challenges to them and see whether they are providing you with a reasonable solution or just talking about unnecessary things.

Conclusion on How To Find a Good Realtor:

If you want to make a great real estate purchase, you have to pick the right real estate agent. It is not new to face difficulties when finding a good Realtor you can trust in Nigeria, but the solutions we have provided you above would be of great help. Realtors are the sales dealers, and they are well-known for their wise advice. They can also give you idea of property rates in the upcoming years. Therefore, you have to be careful and implement the abovementioned tips to avoid falling into the hands of fake real estate agents that can cause more harm than good in your real estate investment journey. Here at Hamborg Properties, we advise and guide both new and old real estate investors on how to invest in real estate properties in Nigeria without losing their hard-earned money. We also advise on how to start investing in real estate safely and how to make good return on investment. To get started, Click here to book a free consultation with one of our dedicated real estate consultants.

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