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Why do I need a Real Estate Agent to buy a House or Land in Nigeria?

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If you’re considering buying or selling your property, you may have a lot of questions, and part of it could be why do I need a real estate agent to buy a house or Land? While it may be tempting to try to buy or sell your property on your own, there are a number of reasons why you should consider hiring a professional real estate consultant. Understanding what a real estate consultant or realtor does and why you might want to work with one will help you gain perspective. Here are tips on why you need a real estate agent and 9 reasons you should use a realtor when buying a house or land in Nigeria.

Why do I need a Real Estate Agent to buy a House or Land?

1. Access to series of properties

If you go to a real estate company, they will show you properties in their portfolio that may or may not suit the purpose you need it for. But if you approach a knowledgeable realtor or real estate consultant, he or she will show you properties from different developers that can suit what you need it for. Your realtor can assist you in evaluating all active listings that suit your criteria, alerting you to new listings as they become available, and providing information on recent sales. Your realtor can also save you time by assisting you in weeding out properties (Land or houses) that are still listed on public websites but are no longer for sale.

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2. Reduce stress

Imagine having to spend all the time to google all because you are in search of a property when you could have easily told a knowledgeable and experienced realtor and let he or she give you series of property options which you can now compare and contrast. This is another reason why you should use a real estate agent when buying a house or land.


3. Good Price

In any real estate transaction, there are numerous factors to consider, ranging from price to facilities to payment plan to allocation date. A real estate agent representing you will look at the transaction from your point of view, assisting you in negotiating a purchase agreement that meets your needs and allows you to conduct due diligence before committing to the purchase.

A realtor can help a client negotiate a good price for a property. Realtors are more familiar with the prices of properties in an area and they will know when a property is over priced so they can assist in negotiating a good price for the client. Even in the case of selling a property, a seller’s agent can help the seller sell his property at a good price.

why do i need a real estate agent to buy a house


4. Reduce time wasting

Imagine a situation whereby Mr. A wants to sell his house by himself rather than having an agent do it. He gets a call from potential clients and they fix inspections and many of them do not show up. The few that show up give complaints about the house etc and this goes on leading to the seller feeling frustrated and ready to sell at whatever price someone offers. This could have been avoided if he had just given the house to a realtor to sell for him.

5. Perform the role of professional guide

When purchasing a home, a multitude of paperwork and other legal and financial documentation are usually required . A skilled real estate agent will know what is needed in your market, saving you time and money. A real estate transaction involves a lot of lingo, so you’ll want to work with someone who understands it.

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6. Ensure a current experience

Most people only buy a few homes in their lifetime, and they usually wait a long period between them. Even if you’ve previously purchased a home, laws and regulations evolve. Over the course of their careers, real estate professionals may conduct hundreds or thousands of transactions and this is why it is essential to involve a realtor in a current transaction.

7. Support you in difficult times

A house is far more than just four walls and a roof. A home is the most expensive purchase most people will ever make. When emotions threaten to derail an otherwise sensible transaction, having a concerned but objective third party can help you stay focused on the most critical problems.

why use a realtor when investing in properties in lagos nigeria

8. Explains the pros and cons of getting a property

Knowledgeable and trustworthy realtors can give more explanation about an area, the situation of things there (for example, flooding, electricity, water supply etc). They can also give you comparisons between a couple of property options so you can make a smart and wise decision.

9. Real estate brokers have valuable contacts

A real estate agent’s access to significant industry connections is another advantage of dealing with him or her. Your real estate agent can provide resources that may be preferable than tackling the process alone, whether it’s connecting you with professionals who can assist with fencing the land, building the house or fixing the repairs or simply sharing your listing with other real estate agents in their office who may have interested clients. This is another good reason why you should use a real estate agent when getting a house or land.


Conclusion On: Why do I need a Real Estate Agent to buy a House or Land?

In conclusion, hiring a knowledgeable, experienced and truthful real estate consultant or realtor can give you peace of mind and confidence throughout the buying or selling process. Just like hiring a licensed professional to perform repairs to your house. Our dedicated real estate consultants at Hamborg Properties are always ready to advise and guide you through real estate transactions to ensure you invest in properties (Houses or Land) that are safe, secured, with good titles and they will also generate good return on investment for you. Click here to chat with one of our dedicated real estate consultants.

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